Sunday, October 10, 2010

This week for An NDN Insight I hit up blader/photographer/ndn, Logun Mitchell.

Pictured: Al Borland...errr, wait...Logun Mitchell.

1.) What is Toasted Berry? How did it come about?

-Toasted Berry is my alias that most of my photos get credited towards. It actually came about through the brain-storming of Erik Bill and I. We were texting ideas back and forth one day and I think Toasted Berry just stuck out more than the rest.

2.) Who are some of your favorite bladers to go shooting with?

- You sir, Billstro. Most definitely. We always seem to find something super unique to blade, which makes it challenging and fun to shoot. Bailes is always a blast to go shooting with. He’s usually down to shoot something sick and he seems to lace his shit within the first few tries. I absolutely love taking photos of Cameron Card and Dan Dickerson. Those doods get it done. Most of the NDN peeps are a lot of fun to shoot with. The Boise NDN’s always seemed to always be stoked when they got a photo, which made it a lot of fun for me.

3.) I know you're back home in Pocatello for a while. How's that? Are you missing anything about Boise?

- Pocatello has been good. Peaceful. It’s nice to be back around my family. I miss Boise tremendously. Blading/hanging/gaming every day. Never a dull moment in the Vista household.

4.) I also know you love to haul ass and hold a grind on a nice long ledge. What's your favorite spot to do that?

- Haha. Yes. There’s so many good spots to choose from. I’d probably have to say the Rhodes angle iron ledge. That park is definitely home. Glory ledge is amazing (an OG Boise spot) I miss it a lot. I guess that could go under question #3. The Library curved ledge in SLC is a lot of fun too!

5.) What’s your top favorite custom plate you’ve ever seen?

- I do kind of have an odd obsession with custom license plates. I’m always keepin’ an eye out for them while I’m on the road. It’s way too hard to pick one, but I’d have to say N8TIVQT is probably one of my faves. Just because I live right on the out skirts of one of the shittiest indian reservations in North America. It makes it ten times funnier.

6.) You're the main NDN photographer. What's that like?

- It’s great. There’s nothing I love more than blading and shooting with all the NDN homies. I just wish I could do it more often. The 250 miles between Boise and I makes that a bit difficult.

7.) Any new ink? Any plans for some new ink?

- I’ve got quite a bit of new ink lately. I need to slow down. Haha. I never really plan out my tats. I get all my artwork done for free, so it’s like, I go into the shop to just kick it and hang out and end up walking out hours later with a fresh piece. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

8.) What are your 3 favorite meats? You stocked up currently?

- Fish, fish, and fish. I eat a lot of it and my freezer is absolutely stuffed with it. I’m sure I have mercury poisoning.

9.) Any advice to photographers just getting into the game?

- Just shoot as much as possible. Experiment with different styles and framing. You’ll learn something new every day.

10.) What are 5 things you couldn't live without?

-Real friends, family, cameras, music, and $$$$$$$$$$$


  1. yes, glad to get up at 630 and see this of ma bOI logun.

    props on it my friend.

    .............fuckn chicken wang

  2. You'll be doing one soon, jeff! Word?