Sunday, October 31, 2010

Since it's Halloween I figure I'd pull through with a treat. A brand new split section of Cameron Card, Nicholas Swan, and Erik Bill. It's some of our leftover footage from the filming of DAYSHAPES. Check it out after Cameron's interview! On top of that, An NDN Insight comes a day early.

An NDN Insight with Cameron Card!

1.) What does The NDN mean to you?

NDN is my motivation to blade. It's the idea that keeps me in love with rollerblading. Anyone involved with NDN really enjoys rolling around. It's a great idea and would look good on some clothes.

2.) I know you're always experimenting with flat/anti/tri-rocker set-ups. What are the ups and downs that you've noticed?

I LOVE the feel of flat when rolling around the streets. It's like ice skating on a different surface and that's where my roots lie with hockey. I also love to grind… My hands down favorite setup is anti-rocker with 2nd regime Plastiks. You can grind anything, stair ride, and roll on un-even surfaces. (a lot more controllable then other anti rockers) It's too bad they don't get produced anymore.

3.) Who are a few of your favorite bladers to watch right now and why?

Richie Eisler, Mathieu Ledoux, and really anyone that show's they really know how to rollerblade; rather then just grind. I like Richie and Mr. Ledoux because I believe they market them selves in a way that captures my attention the most. It's always refreshing to see an edit from either of them.

4.) It's awesome that your wife gets to travel/come skating with you sometimes. How does she feel about all of it?

She has priority over blading; but we went rollerblading on our honeymoon; she also knows I love to rollerblade. She has no problem wandering off somewhere while we blade, or helping film a second angle. I'm very lucky to have her, she's the best.

5.) Who are your sponsors and how did you end up riding for them?

Denial, and Kato at Remz hooks me up with blades. Remz has a whole story behind it…

I was just starting to blade after 9 months of not blading or even thinking I would ever blade again. I had just started back up and I was on the same pair of Valo's I wore when I hit my head. Valo's at the time were my favorite blade, I just had an eerie feeling, and knew I needed something new.
I went on a trip to AZ with some friends to visit the wonderful scene of AZ, and all it's resident bladers. We had a stop at Revolution near the beginning of the trip and I took a look at the huge wall of blades on the market at the time. I noticed some white OS1's on the shelf, these particular ones stuck out like a sore thumb. I tried them on and fell in love. Gretchen put me on the phone with Kato and he's been hooking me up since.

Denial because I really needed change and i've been homies with Killgore since ASA World Finals 2001.

6.) I know there's talk that you might like to live in Boise, what's up with that?!

It's a dream of living in a cheap, cool, artsy area with people that motivate me to blade. Who knows it could happen. I'm living in a house that's for sale, and I have nowhere to really go. We'll see what happens.

7.) Has your style of skating changed over the years? If so, how?

Yeah, I started blading in jeans that fit me. I then found other rollerbladers/movies, and was then influenced in my young years to wear Jinco jeans. It's not until my adult years (around 24) that I started wearing my normal hanging out attire when rollerblading. I was heavily influenced by rollerblading. I believe the style I was wearing has changed, but not the way I rollerblade. My style is based on my roots in ice hockey, and having a good park to learn at.

8.) What are 3 pieces of advice you can offer to younger bladers on the come-up?

You know I always have a hard time with this one. I like to say enjoy what your doing and don't let the ego get out of control. Stick to your roots and play your cards right.

9.) What are 3 things that you've learned through blading?

How an industry works
How to travel the world

10.) Any hopes/plans for 2011?

I was thinking of trying to get on some flow teams and of course I'm going to continue to enjoy rollerblading while I can. (hopefully with insurance so I can finally blade to my full potential again)

Cameron Card / Nicholas Swan / Erik Bill from erik bill on Vimeo.


  1. Such a good edit, i'm in love with swan

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    Sad Lovers & Giants - Seven Kinds of Sin

    you guys should make shirts.

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    we really are going to make shirts though

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