Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Joe Taormina is in town for a few days chillin' and bladin'.

Night sessions have been popping off lately.

-Better temperature
-Well-lit, sick looking footage
-More spots available to skate
-More homies off work
-More healthy than getting drunk every night

Full of perks.

If you're in the area and you're trying to get in on them...hit us up!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Click HERE to watch this in HD. You'll be glad you did.

Phil Davidson - Online Edit from erik bill on Vimeo.

and just incase that new new doesn't fully fuel your fetal fire, here's Fetus Phil killin' it in I Was A Cloud.

Phil Davidson - I Was A Cloud from I Was A Cloud *Promo* on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nick Swan with that buttery TTS 3 out. Photo by Beastmaster

Rub-bricked and waxed a premium summer spot today. Jay, Ebill, and Phil got clips there. Speaking of Phil...

Full online section of Phil Davidson coming real soon.

We're saving a few of his better tricks for the video but there's still some nice blading in here no doubt.

Keep an eye on the blog, players.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Be-Mag Pic of the week:

Skater: Erik Bill

Trick: Fishbrain

Photographer: Kolby Kerbs

Photo Equipment: Canon EOS Rebel XSI, EF70 200mm f/4l

Description: Everytime i skate this mini-ramp I stare at the Boise foothill background. I always wanted this photo but I never really had any easy opportunities to get it. Kolby was testing out his new lens during this last TNS so we banged this one out with the sweet natural lighting!

Touched up by Cameron Card.

Location: Boise, Idaho

Check it out on Be-Mag

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thought of the Day!

The Hopi tribe has spoken their language for a long time, obviously.

But there are 2 words that stand out to me as a bit strange:

Kokyangwuti is one word...but it means "spider-woman at middle age"

Kuwanyamtiwa is also just one means "beautiful badger going over the hill"


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Truespin warm-ups. from erik bill on Vimeo.

Eli provided the track for this edit.

Click HERE to watch this video in HD. Muuuchhhh beetttterrrrrr

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Warm-up session edit with Erik and Eli coming soon.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kuhn's in town coppin' clips!

It's almost the weekend. Get bladed, urrybuddy.
Digging around on Kolby's flickr i found some old TNS photos. Fun lil' airs!

Erik airing out of the brick mini-bank.

Tyler getting loose on the pyramid.

John, also getting loose on the pyramid.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Phil Davidson's a papa.

Kyrie was born this morning in good health.

Congrats on the fetus, fetus!
John bought some new lights for the summertime night-blading. A big ol' posse of us went out to a spot with lots of different opportunities. Shit popped off. Well lit night clips are the illest.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Be-Mag checks in with Ebills.


Peep the video here:

One Minute, One Spot with Erik Bill from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

Peep the interview here:


Additional info and additional stories of Razors riders right here:


Sunday, June 13, 2010


Friday, June 11, 2010

Went out and filmed clips for my ONE SPOT/ONE MINUTE edit. Finished the edit up.

Used a track that has one of the illest verses ever (haha)...thanks Gusto and thanks CB4.

If you haven't seen the movie, check it out...hilarious. Soundtrack too, obviously.

Been wanting to use this song for so many years even though i'm sure people will think i'm a wigger with bad taste in music.

At any rate...the edit should be up sometime soon.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Went out and snagged some photos in the new Bambricks.

A couple of them looked promising on the lcd, we'll see! They'll be up on the blog soon.

If it weren't for Red Dead Redemption I'd be updating this shit more (shitmore, gay shitmore, jay whitmore) often.

Blame Rockstar and PSN...and Jay.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

new jams came in today, dope.

"Blood, Pride & True" Don Bambrick from Integrated Distribution on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Labeled a lot of footage today from SLC NDN's Cam Card and Nick Swan.

Prime materials.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Valo posted up the "Ask Erik Bailey" answers to everyone's questions...CHECK IT OUT!

From Alex:
Yo dude I am A.Verbenko I skate VALO and I am from Estonia you probably dont know this country but anyway you are freaking awesome skater and I wanted to ask, will you do some new edits in this year that will blow my head again, if you do then for what video and when!!?????!! Thank you ! Valo4Life Yeah !

EB: Hey Alex, Of coarse I know of Estonia. That's where Encino man is from. I'm always working on some new edits. I have been wrapping up my 4Life part which should be out in late October. Plus, I've been stacking clips with Erik Bill. Not really sure what for yet.

From Nick:
Hey bro. I've been blading Valo since day one. Can u give me a tip I can do handrails and all that shit but i have trouble when there higher then usually. how do u jump so high.

EB: Hey Nick, To be honest, I don't really know. I just gradually worked my way up. Pulling up your legs as high as you can is almost as important as the jumping.

From Hafiz Hyena of Singapore:
Hey Erik Bailey! Firstly I'd like to say I like how you dress,even with all that skating you definitely look the best AND THAT HAIR DOES IT EVEN GET MESSY?!?!?Secondly is Valo ever gonna come over to Asia you know to Soichiro's country and the rest??Hope you have a good day and send regards to rest.Valo4Life

EB: Thanks Hafiz, That's why I use Lay Rite or Murrays. I was in Hong Kong two years ago for almost a month. Where were you? I'd really like to get out there ASAP. How are the spots out there in Singapore?

From Endless Dreams Lakewood,CA:
What's up man, you're one of my favorite skaters and I love your style. I was just wondering if it bothers you that Gregory Preston is drawing right now as your reading this?

EB: I can't say it bothers me one bit. Draw on amigo.

From Chris Kerr -Ireland:
Erik,What was your first ever skate video? If you can remember! Have to say, mine was The Hoax.
Chris K, Ireland

EB: Hey Chris, My first was Vertical Axis. It came out in 93' I think. It was mostly just vert filmed from the deck.

From Ondrej CZ:
Hello to Mr. Bailey! I want to start this off by thanking you because in the beginning you and Brosky pretty much influenced me and then I got my first pair of skates. But to the questions: 1. Do you get on well with your brothers? 2. What is your favourite trick? 3. And have you ever helped with building concrete bowl? 4. And have you ever met King Khan or Marc Sultan personally?:) Guess that's everything off the top of my head and hope to see another great STYD tour:) because the first one was the greatest tour video I've seen.
Ondrej CZ

EB: Hey Ondrej, I don't have any brothers, just 3 sisters and yes.. we all get along great. My favorite trick would have to be a true makio. They just look nice. I used to lay cement here and there, never at a skatepark though. I haven't met either of those dudes, but I'd like to.

From Erik Bill:
1. If you could bring any Idaho O.G. back into skating to session everyday with us, who would it be?

EB: Danny Urresti, R.I.P. homie

2. When are you going to get an old pick-up truck?


3. How do you feel about those who can squirt?

EB:I don't know what your saying but, yeah, I feel fine about it.

From William Garcia USAF:
You are one bad@ss mofo, what’s the secret behind great steaks ??? Steve McQueen or Paul Newman??
and How much for the Triumph??
haha Besides that I just wanted to give you a little praise. The new king of cool, seriously. Favorite skater, I think that you handle yourself at a professional level and still skate for the fun and love of it. Can’t wait for your sesh in 4Life and stick to the folk music scene, Woody Guthrie folk festival July 14-18 Try to make it out.
It’d be boss to get to meet you one day.
William F. Garcia, USAF
Sheppard AFB TX

EB: Thanks for your service William. The secret behind good steaks would be using a rub instead of marinades. Spade el ranch does the trick and not overcooking. I prefer mine rare. Steve McQueen. For you, 3,000 bucks. Thanks for the kind words. I would love to make it out there for the Folk Fest. Maybe one of these days.

From Louie Martz:
Oh hey Erik, just wandering why you rep Buckley so hard, when you knowI am the realest cat alive? -Louie Martz

EB: Louie, Its probably because you pissed in my suitcase and would knock on my window at 4 in the morning.

From Christopher Bray:
Erik-Can I stay at your house this summer for a Blade B Que?
With Love--Christopher Bray

EB: Chris, Absolutely, Anytime. No freeloading though.

From Hugo:
Hi Mr Bailey:
Is your next pro skate gonna have some real improvements?Because the shape of your skate feel strange I m pretty sure you got a different shell under your skin!! Why valo don't try new things with the Roces Fifth element shell??I will kill for some white eb1 or the black one because material were 10 time stronger as my TV2.PLease Mr Julio make a re edition of those eb1!! Hope next valo tour will come in my city in France!

EB: Sup Hugo, Yes, it's gonna be full of improvements. The shell is the same, it's the liner and the tongue that'll be different. I'm not a fan of the 5th element shell but be on the lookout for new things to come.

From Omri Baum:
Hey Erik,You are my favorite blader, I like your rolling style, its awesome!
I have a problem when I'm tring to do a tops tricks (like fish, top-soul, top-asid, top-porn, alley opp top-soul and more...) with my valo's.
May you give me a reference?
Best regards,
Omri Baum.

EB: Hey Omri, Thanks, You have to learn to really commit. It's in the knees and the hips just as much as bending your ankle. Lots of practice too. It'll come with time.

From Francois -Montreal:
Hi Erik,What do you think of Taig Khris' guiness world record?
Thank you
François from Montréal

EB: Let me get a shot at that.

From Arturo of Spain:
What's up Erik, I want to ask you if you will think to go to Palma de Mallorca. The island has many good spots ;)
You should come here, you know.
P.S:Good work at VLC OPEN and I hope see you again.

EB: I was supposed to go this last trip. I'd still really like to make my way out there. Thanks Arthur

From Victor Nguyen Torrance, CA:
hi! i just wanted to ask if you grab the same way you spin, and do you skate your skates with a toe cut? thanks :D

EB: Hey Vic, I can grab both ways just as easy. I kind of prefer the reverse grabs more. I don't cut the toe. I rock em the way they come out the box.

From Michael Talecki:
Whats up Eric, Ivan hooked me up with most of song that were used in STYD and told me you were the one that chose the music, really liking The Felice Brothers now haha, so I gotta ask, what else do you listen to, or better yet, what are some good bands to check out?
- Mike Talecki, HTX.

EB: I listen to so much different stuff. It depend on the time and my mood. I guess my favorites would have to be: The Sonics, Check Berry, James Brown, Townes Van Zandt, Dylan, Van Morrison, Dick Dale, Roky Erickson, Hounddog Taylor, JB Hutto, Gene Vincent, and Hank Williams. I could go on and on.

From Nicholas:
do you like nicholas swan? what about erik bill? come to salt lake dood

EB: Yes, yes and Yes

From Pete Bailey:
Erik, Why are you so handsome? You must look like your Dad.

EB: I don't know, Yeah, I kind of look like him.
Wish I acquired his fishing skills, though.

From Paul:
Is this the generation of Rollerbladers that can get us back the exposure the sport desperately needs to survive?
You obviously skate for a skater-owned company but do you think non skater owned also has a place in the industry? People make so much noise about skater owned that it almost seems like we are shunning the outside world.
Finally, with Valo spending so much time on tour what has been your favourite city you have visited?
Paul Cargill,

EB: Hey Paul, Good Questions. I like to think this is the generation that can save it. I feel this generation loves blading more than its predecessors. Exposure won't necessarily save us though. It can help spread the word but what we need is a culture. We need to make sure the people getting exposure are the right ones. Sorry Taig, but that should have been Haffey.
Obviously, a skater owned company is naturally going to be better. They are more hands on and will understand the ins and outs of the industry as well as putting back into it. I don't feel the non skater owned companies put in enough or have a good vision of what blading can be. My favorite city would have to be San Francisco. The weather is perfect.. You can find any kind of food.. The coffee, Dolores Park, so much good stuff.

From George:
Whats up bailey? Why are you the Man?

EB: Just hanging out answering these questions. I don't know, I never really thought about it. Thanks though

From George Sakoulas:
Hi Erik,
This question is coming from Greece and is compound, regarding the industry... Do you feel there is enough support in the industry for the amount of skaters who hold their skating to a higher standard like Valos' pro team and others (Am teams too)? Where is there a greater need for growth in blading the industry or athletes and where do you think that growth will come from?
Best Regards,
George Sakoulas

EB: Hey George, It's hard to say. There are a lot of really good kids out there. There are also some not so good sponsored kids. I personally wish, us over here at Valo, could give kids who are truly good more opportunity. I can't really speak for other companies who don't understand what good blading is. We need more people on blades. It can come from a all types of outlets. Youtube, Thursday night skates, Your local skateshop. Only time will tell.

From ET of England:
Erik you seemed to have changed your dress sense slightly in 2010, from not folding your jeans up, wearing plaid shirts, beanies and also just letting your hair just hang. How has this new style come about, where you fold your jeans up, grease you hair back etc. and do you think it makes you look better when skating.
From E.T. in LONDON.

EB: Hey ET, That's quite observant. I guess it started on the STYD tour. I needed a haircut. I called up Carl Sturgis and asked if his girlfriend could cut my hair. She said yes but only if she could cut it the way she wanted. She did such a fine job that I just kept running with it. I have always folded my jeans, though. That just goes hand in hand with being short. Thinking it looks better when I skate hasn't even crossed my mind. I just do what makes me feel comfortable.

From Christian from Denmark :
Hey mr. Bailey. You rock.Who is your favorite roller besides yourself? Also, when are you coming to Denmark?

EB: Hey Christian, My favorite blader would have to be Julio. He's not even slowing down.
I'm probably not going to make it there this summer. Maybe next year. Say Hello To Kare for me.

Thanks for all the Questions everyone!

Nicholas Swan - RB Flow from I Was A Cloud *Promo* on Vimeo.

Nicholas is filming for a full profile in the next Erik Bill video! In the meantime, here's his edit for TeamTRS

Friday, June 4, 2010

MME2 - May "PA or Bust" from Cameron Card on Vimeo.

you can see how much fun/work went into this edit.

good job, cam!

On a lighter note...

Q. How do you find Will Smith in a blizzard?
A. You look for Fresh Prints
Joke cred - Geno Ray