Monday, May 30, 2011

Warm Ups.

Bailes warmin' up for a real-ass trick that we filmed for Regardless today.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

photo update



idaho city hoarders.

i'd hoard too if i had this much cool shit.

took this pic while i was throwin' a leak!

it's that good good.

idaho city park.

idaho city park.


dining room.


couple clips got copped.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Erik Bailey in NYC filming for Valo V. Great photo!

Open invite NYC sesh, filming for V.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


DAYSHAPES DVDs will be $13 + free shipping from right now until Memorial Day (then it's back up to normal price).

Act now, busters!

Hit it up.

Scumpire Reviews Dayshapes


"If you're looking for a skate video to get you juiced off dudes with no t-shirts, bare chested, doing there thing 'out there', you're watching the wrong video. But once you're done polishing your missile to bros' spinning into oblivion, clean the jizz off your tummy, wash your dirty Dorito-stained hands and call your homies up for a skate roadtrip to the next nearest town with some obstacles you don't normally skate with some homies you don't always see. And be sure to pop in Dayshapes for that inspiration on your way out the door or in the car DVD player.

Erik Bill brings you the latest installment of the NDN video series. Among excellent blading from the likes of himself, Utah's Cameron Card and Jeff Stanger, powerhouse Erik Bailey and some of Bill's Idaho homies he incorporates some music you most likely don't have in your music library. Pick this up on Blu Ray to get some of that hip HD goodness. There are some clips that could use some correct exposure, but fuck I could give two shits about how it looks as long as the skating is on point.

I would like to think the underlying message from Bill to you the viewer, is something like "good times with good homies." And if you don't like it, well tough shit. Bill will most likely keep making these videos, and get increasingly better with time and experience.

For all you haters out there, make your own damn video. And if you do, send a copy to Bill so he can talk shit about it or better yet maybe he will learn from someone also doing the same thing in the game. I'm sure he will appreciate the constructive criticism.

Be sure to follow the NDN: and pick up your copy directly at

The following sites still have Blu-Rays available at this time, grab your copy!"

From the Inbox...

"In other news, dayshapes came in today! Haven't watched it yet, but the cover art looks sick.. I'm hoping i dont get the disk mixed up with my New Mexico cd.. (it's a local SD band, they used the same disk art, haha.. You may enjoy this lil tidbit, the drummer is Jon Elliotts brother)" - Geoff Acers

Pretty uncanny similarity between the two discs! If there's a band out there with a similar graphic to the actual cover art of Dayshapes...THAT would be crazy.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jeff Stanger - 666 Hail Satan

Check out for the interview/photos.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bailes Tumblr

Erik has actually been updating his Tumblr quite often lately. Check it out for some random coo shit!


Get some!

SLC Premiere Weekend

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Night Shred

Had a great TNS tonight at the downtown skateparks. They should pop off pretty nicely every week now that it's nice out. Stop by and shred one!
Tyler is putting together an edit from tonight's GoPro footage. Check back!

Bandwagon Tactic Continued...

Gey Dayshaped!


I am officially out of Blu-Rays. I have plenty of DVDs and you can get them with ease on

The following sites still have Blu-Rays available at this time, snag one before they're out!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Check out THEMGOODS for updates on the Valo NYC tour featuring Erik Bailey and all the Valo homedogs.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dayshapes Teasers

The Fox, the Crow, and the Cookie.

Through mostly vacant streets a baker from the outskirts of his town
earned his living peddling sweets from a ragged cart he dragged around.

The clever Fox crept close behind, kept an ever watchful eye
for a chance to steal a ginger spicecake or a boysenberry pie.

Looking down was the hungry Crow.

"When the time is right I'll strike and condescend to the earth below and take whichever treat I like!"

The moment the baker turned around to shoo the Fox off from his cart
the Crow swooped down and snatched a shortbread cookie and a German chocolate tart.

Using most unfriendly words that the village children had not yet heard
the baker shouted threats by Canzonet to curse the crafty bird;

"You rotten wooden mixing spoon!
Why, you midnight winged raccoon!
You'd better bring those pastries back, you no-good, burnt-black-macaroon!"

The Fox approached the tree where the bird was perched, delighted, in his nest.

"Brother Crow, don't you remember me?
It's your old friend Fox with a humble request.
If you could share just a modest piece, seeing as I distracted that awful man..."

This failed to persuade the Crow in the least, so the Fox rethought his plan:

"Then, if your lovely song would grace my ears, or, to even hear you speak would ease my pains and fears."

The Crow looked down with the candy in his beak.

"Your poems of wisdom, my good Crow, what a paradise they bring!"

This flattery pleased the proud bird so, he opened his mouth and began to sing.

"Your subtle acclamation's true, best to give praise where praise is due.
Every Rook and Jay in the Corvidae has been Raven about me too!
They admire me, one and all... must be the passion in my 'Caw', my slender bill, known through the Escadrille, my fierce, commanding claw..."

Ah, I've got a walnut-brownie-brain and molasses in my veins
crushed graham cracker crust, my powdered sugar funnelcake cocaine.

Let the crescent cookie rise!

These carob-colored almond eyes would rest to see my Cashew Princess in the swirling marble sky.

We'll rest upon the knee where all divisions cease to be and rootbeer float in our banana boat across the Tapioca Sea.

When letting all attachments go is the only prayer we know.
May it be so, may it be so, may it be so, oh...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

2C plaza through the lens of Taycuffs McGuillacuddy.

Nicole Cahill (Dayshapes/I Was A Cloud cover & menu designer. Ebills gal) finished college this morning. Congrats baba'!

Visit her website to view some of her work. HERE IS THE LINK!

Sideways Home

A short film by long-time NDN, Jeff Scanlon.

Utah Dayshapes Premiere

The Utah premiere is tonight! Make it out if you can.

Check out THIS LINK for more information.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Silver & Gold

I went down to the devil.
"Devil, gonna sell my soul."
Gonna come back home my little love
with my pockets full of silver and gold.

"Well, you're out of luck" said the Devil.
"I got no silver and gold.
The policeman, he come and take up all my land
and he left me in a hole."

And I'm on my own.
No place to call my home.
Ain't no pretty gal gonna waste her time on me.

"I'd give you twenty women,
pretty gals for your soul.
They'll love you sweet all the good days of the week
'til you're buried and you're dead and you're cold."

"Well, I already got me a woman.
That's why I look so old.
If I go home she's gonna leave me on my own
'Cause I got no silver and gold."

And I'm on my own.
No place to call my home.
Ain't no pretty gal gonna waste her time on me.

"Well, I'll give you a brand new motorcar,
a motorcar for your soul.
You can drive around with your good gal on the town,
you can take her right down the road."

"Well, I don't want your brand new motorcar,
motorcar for my soul.
Have to bust my ass just to buy a tank of gas
So I can drive right down the road."

And I'm on my own.
No place to call my home.
Ain't no pretty gal gonna waste her time on me.

And I'm on my own.
No place to call my home.
Ain't no pretty gal gonna waste her life on me.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mango Chicken Lollipop. I wasn't a fan.

SLC Premiere flyers are up.

Dan filming for his soon-to-be-released online edit! I'll be putting it together after some last minute filming in Vegas. Photo by Beastmaster.

Jeff's iphone vids.

"Hey Jon, in the wake of DAYSHAPES, here's a set-up pic from a lifetime NDN out of Boise, Idaho and a fellow recruit out of Edmonton, Alberta. We're up here in the Great White North, graduates of Vancouver Film School's Acting for Film and Television Program, repping the NDN and the Valo brand 4 life...
Joseph Taormina & Sean Kent Dykink"

Dayshapes Art

By my wonderful lady, Nicole Cahill.

Check out the full Dayshapes design project and more on her WEBSITE.

Friday, May 6, 2011

NDN Updates

Been sending out videos all day urryday. Spread the word of!

Jeff Stanger finished filming for his 666 w/scumpire edit. I'll be putting that together this weekend if I can find time. Should be dope!

Dan Dickerson has been blading his ass off and getting waaaay too many clips for his upcoming Be-Mag online section. I'll also be editing that real soon! Keep an eye on the blog to see them first!

Speaking of Be-Mag...they've taken it upon themselves to be the European Distributor of NDN goods such as DAYSHAPES! Keep an eye out for the video in your neck of the matt'a whurr you be.

Be sure to check out , Nicole Cahill did all of the Dayshapes art.

Erik Bailey's WAV2 section was featured on Skullcandy's 'what we are watching' blog. They almost missed the bus, but at least they're catching on...even if they are 5 years late.

Baby Dino'd X 100

John Dickerson got tanked at the premiere...


The video is clearly a wise investment...bandwagon sales tactic 101.

Stay hood.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Support your favorite.

You decide:






More shops coming soon...

Gettin' Dayshaped

Drinko De Mayo/Dayshapes courtesy of Alex Ford.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011



Dayshapes is popping up at a few shops...check 'em out and cop one for your household.






Got something to say about the video?

Like it?

Hate it?

Appreciate anybody or thing involved in particular?

Bored and want to write a full-length review to help out?

If so, email your hate/thoughts/love to and we'll get it up on the blog.

Or...if you'd like to remain anonymous and talk shit or something...feel free to just add a comment anytime and let us know how bad we suck!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Monday, May 2, 2011

Courtney Swan rippin' some serious speed.

Bearded Brents


Mousley caught a mugshot while in Boise, ID!