Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Scumpire Reviews Dayshapes


"If you're looking for a skate video to get you juiced off dudes with no t-shirts, bare chested, doing there thing 'out there', you're watching the wrong video. But once you're done polishing your missile to bros' spinning into oblivion, clean the jizz off your tummy, wash your dirty Dorito-stained hands and call your homies up for a skate roadtrip to the next nearest town with some obstacles you don't normally skate with some homies you don't always see. And be sure to pop in Dayshapes for that inspiration on your way out the door or in the car DVD player.

Erik Bill brings you the latest installment of the NDN video series. Among excellent blading from the likes of himself, Utah's Cameron Card and Jeff Stanger, powerhouse Erik Bailey and some of Bill's Idaho homies he incorporates some music you most likely don't have in your music library. Pick this up on Blu Ray to get some of that hip HD goodness. There are some clips that could use some correct exposure, but fuck I could give two shits about how it looks as long as the skating is on point.

I would like to think the underlying message from Bill to you the viewer, is something like "good times with good homies." And if you don't like it, well tough shit. Bill will most likely keep making these videos, and get increasingly better with time and experience.

For all you haters out there, make your own damn video. And if you do, send a copy to Bill so he can talk shit about it or better yet maybe he will learn from someone also doing the same thing in the game. I'm sure he will appreciate the constructive criticism.

Be sure to follow the NDN: and pick up your copy directly at

The following sites still have Blu-Rays available at this time, grab your copy!"

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