Friday, May 6, 2011

NDN Updates

Been sending out videos all day urryday. Spread the word of!

Jeff Stanger finished filming for his 666 w/scumpire edit. I'll be putting that together this weekend if I can find time. Should be dope!

Dan Dickerson has been blading his ass off and getting waaaay too many clips for his upcoming Be-Mag online section. I'll also be editing that real soon! Keep an eye on the blog to see them first!

Speaking of Be-Mag...they've taken it upon themselves to be the European Distributor of NDN goods such as DAYSHAPES! Keep an eye out for the video in your neck of the matt'a whurr you be.

Be sure to check out , Nicole Cahill did all of the Dayshapes art.

Erik Bailey's WAV2 section was featured on Skullcandy's 'what we are watching' blog. They almost missed the bus, but at least they're catching on...even if they are 5 years late.

Baby Dino'd X 100

John Dickerson got tanked at the premiere...


The video is clearly a wise investment...bandwagon sales tactic 101.

Stay hood.

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