Monday, October 18, 2010

For this week's NDN Insight I hit up a good pal of mine who's currently dwelling in America's Hat. Joe Taormina.

1. First and foremost: "All Along the Watchtower", Dylan or Hendrix? I know both versions have their perks...but I hope you have the same answer as I would.

I think you and I have had this conversation before, so I’m pretty sure you know the answer. Bob Dylan, hands down! For whatever reason I’ve never been that big of a Jimi Hendrix fan. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate his music and all, but when you hold him up to Bob Dylan, in my eyes there is no contest! In fact, I think I’ve only ever heard one Dylan cover that I really liked and it was an Italian hip-hop cover of “Like A Rolling Stone.”

2. What does The NDN mean to you?

The NDN is a group of good friends that have been drawn together in life by their love and passion for rollerblading. It’s a Western Idaho lifestyle. It’s a group to come home to. Most of all, The NDN is family and I miss them all.

3. How does the feel of blading in Vancouver differ from Boise?

Well, unfortunately blading in Vancouver has been pretty nonexistent for me. I’ve gone out a few times here and there, but it’s tough not knowing any skateable spots in the downtown area where I live. I rely on public transportation up here, so driving around and finding spots in my area is not an option either. I’ve made a few attempts to reach out to the scene here, but my attempts have been pretty lame what with school occupying most of my time. I skate to school every now and then, but it rains all the damn time and the sidewalks and driveways downtown are terrible. I miss blading a lot and wish I could get out more than I do.

4. Oregon, Canada, Idaho etc... Where do you consider 'home'?

Oregon most definitely, but Boise as well. I consider the whole Eastern Oregon/Boise area my home, but I am absolutely an Oregonian. I tend to get homesick very easily and when I do I find myself thinking about both Ontario and Boise as a whole. My family is in Ontario, but my friends are in Boise, so in my mind they go hand in hand.

5. Who are a few of your favorite bladers to watch right now and why?
My favorite bladers to watch at the moment are my friends. Anyone skating in an Erik Bill production. Besides the fact that everything showcased in an NDN film is so creative and inspiring, it really makes me feel closer to home.

6. Explain the key ingredients to your ideal session. Ya' know, paint me a picture.

Good friends to skate with and a mellow spot to skate. I’ve never been much of a huge hammer thrower and this is especially so as I’ve gotten older. I like a good, simple ledge or something unique that not a lot of people would think to skate.

7. What are 3 things that you've learned through blading?

I’ve left this as the last question because I’ve been racking my brain trying to come up with an answer for it. Truth is, I don’t think I can narrow it down to only three things. From when I began, who knows how many years ago, rollerblading has shaped my life in every aspect. It has and continues to influence the kind of music I listen to. It’s in big part responsible for the kinds of films I love. It has shaped my style and attitude towards life in general. It has always provided me with an outlet in which to release and vent anything I can’t get out by any other means. Most importantly, it has blessed me with some of the greatest and longest lasting friendships I will ever know.

8. What are 5 things you couldn't live without?

Family and friends. Music. Art and creation. Love. Inspiration. Yeah, I kind of cheated, deal with it.

9. Any hopes/plans for 2011?

I’ve got a lot of hopes for 2011. I’ve still got a lot of hopes for the last few months of 2010. A lot has happened this year and only time will tell what is yet to come. As for any plans for 2011, that I wish I could tell you. Hell, I wish someone could tell me! I have no idea what 2011 will bring. The only certainty is that I will graduate from the Acting for Film and Television program at the Vancouver Film School in April. Anything beyond that is something that is beyond me.

10. Joe Taormina in a nutshell.

An extremely passionate and wildly hopeless romantic, who’s nothing but a huge kid at heart. Yeah, I suppose that works…


  1. Come back joe !!!!!!

  2. Joe, Vancouver has an awesome scene. I'd love to have what they have. Just hit up Leon owner of shoptask and he'll help you find what your looking for. :)

  3. I miss you all! Thanks Cameron, I'll try and check it out soon. My feet having been itching to be sitting atop wheels lately!