Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Out with the old, in with the new.

Boise heads, peep that link.

My suggestions:

Get rid of the bathrooms (that way the bums won't chill so much cuz they won't have a crackshack, raping ground, or warm place to survive...hahaha)

Put angle iron or round coping on every single ledge. Ledges built in 1987 can't hold up that long.

Destroy the miniramp and make a concrete mini that's a shit ton wider!

Ditch the fucking basketball court and make a dope kidney pool. The company that is scheduled to do the renovations is the same company that made the McCall skatepark, so those of you from this area know how sick this could potentially be!


  1. oh yeh iaaaan, you're such an action sports activist iaaaan

  2. been waiting for a minute for the Dan Dickerson Be-Mag edit.. when's that going to drop? Daniel and I were pretty close and I have been looking forward to the edit!!!

  3. yeah dude, dan's the man! i sent the edit to the be-mag guys so as soon as they release it...i'll be putting it up on this blog for sure.

    you see his section in Dayshapes?

  4. Well I'll be god damned...