Tuesday, June 14, 2011


‘DAYSHAPES’ Be-Mag Review.
-Joseph Taormina

Erik Bill. Over the years on Be-Mag message boards and others of the like, this name has evoked more controversy than the 1965 show in which Bob Dylan traded in his then signature acoustic and blasted the Newport Folk Festival stage with an electric “Maggie’s Farm.” All too often, comments and response to his efforts devolve into whining, bickering posts about anything negative the faceless can come up with. His skating, his videos, his edits- they’re polarizing. However, above any and all of all of this, it’s films like ‘DAYSHAPES’ that continue to show how much Erik Bill really doesn’t give a shit what you or anyone else have to say about what he does, because plain and simple, what he does is rollerblade and what he does, he does with a passion and love that overwhelmingly drowns out all of the haters nipping at his heels.

‘DAYSHAPES’ features profiles from some long-time heavy hitters in the blade game as well as relative unknowns and not a single one disappoints. With sections from seasoned veterans Cameron Card and Erik Bailey alongside equally impressive efforts by Nicholas Swan, Phil Davidson, Erik Bill, Jeff Stanger, and Dan Dickerson, the deck is stacked. In and out, you’ll see each one of these boys creatively skating obstacles in ways most wouldn’t even consider. Every section is well-deserved and easy to watch and there’s not one of them that feels too long.

As with any other Erik Bill release, the production quality here is huge. All throughout, the filming compliments the skating compliments the soundtrack and the editing seamlessly to the point that you’ll forget you’re watching a film featuring a handful of rollerbladers you’ve probably yet to hear of. From the skating on through to every other detail, nothing is forced and what results is one of the most fun-to-watch rollerblading films in a number of years.

My only complaint, and it’s a petty one, is that none of the trailers or promo edits have been included on the disc as “Bonus” content. Yeah, most people aren’t ever going to care, let alone know that there were ever trailers made for the film. Nevertheless, when you’ve seen them all, like I have, and know that they’re just as fun to watch as the completed ‘DAYSHAPES’ film, they’re easy to miss.

‘DAYSHAPES’ is everything that rollerblading should be about. None of its truth is lost as is evidenced by the visible like-minded love of all those who in anyway contributed to the film. If watching a bunch of bladers doing what they love and loving what they do trips your trigger as much as it should, join the tribe and pick up a copy of The NDN’s ‘DAYSHAPES.’ If not, your loss.

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