Sunday, January 16, 2011

Taylor Acuff - An NDN Insight

An NDN Insight with Taylor

Images provided by Mulodic Flux

1.How long you been blading? How'd you get into it?

8-10 years of approximate blading. I always had wheels on my feet, but I was turned on to the aggressive aspect by my fifth-grade classmate Justin Gilbert (whom I believe is now a firefighter) right around Y2K. I skated my heart out at a tiny disgusting 'park' in Mtn. Home, ID for a couple years before i moved to Boise, ID. From there things took off.

2.What are you doing when you aren't skating?

...other things mostly. hahaha. Just working these days. I like to do 'nothing' alot. Just sittin' on my couch or bumpin' the hoopty round the North End is my idea of relaxation.

3.What's up with Green Chutes?

Green Chutes is a 12,000 square foot art gallery+retail store+cafe/bar. We are looking for everything from painters to cake decorators. Its all eco-friendly and local. I will be managing the gallery area, right next to the former downtown Milkyway owners' new coffeehouse & Noshery, Salt Tears. Its supposed to become a more welcoming "come hang out" type of place. I'm privileged to be a part of something that is actually relevant to my life. Plus! I finally have a place to sell my art. We will be on FB and Twitter. Also, our webpage is scheduled to launch sometime around the opening at the beginning of next month. Boise artists come on down for more info..Where all my Lance Browns at?

4.Do you think having a lil bro that blades has impacted your skating?

Ol' Tycuff has impacted my life in more ways than I'll know. He's been a homie since before he bladed, since before he skateboarded, since before he walked. He's naturally good at everything. So yes, our competetive nature growing up as brothers is most likely what forced us both to steeze out..

5.What does The NDN mean to you?

The story of NDN sort of reminds me of the intro to most action movies that have a scene focusing on the assembly of a team thats about to cause a ruckus. Like Con-Air or Gone in Sixty Seconds. Ya know?

6.Who are a few of your favorite bladers to watch at the moment?

Its always fun watching NDN's! Everyone else who kills shit on blades, thanks.

7.If you were forced into brotherhood with one of the following people, who would you choose? Why?
a. the guy from jarsquatter
b. the top dude in the meatspin vid
c. satan

Well I was born of Satan's seed through the dongstem of the upper meat spinner, so all that really leaves me with is the dude from jarsquatter, and thats Benji, and we're already Ill just quote my favorite korn song and say "ITS ALL IN THE FAM-A-LAY."

8.What was it like growing up in itty bitty Mtn. Home, Idaho?

For me and Ty it was great! We fully accepted each of its advantages until there were none left and moved on. Others weren't so lucky. Four specific M's to watch out for in M-town: METH, MORMONS, MEXICANS, and MATERNITY. holla to all my mtown homegrowns who made it out da struggle!

9.Who's tricks/sections are you most looking forward to in Dayshapes?

All of them. I cant wait to see what everyones been putting down. Thats not just my generic answer either. I dont have a generic answer. Definately pumped to see what you sir had time to pull.. between working, skating, filming, editing, shirt-stamping, sticker-slapping, blogging, motivating, supporting, satisfying ;D etc etc etc and everything else you do superwoman SLOWDOWN... Also Phil, my man, so much has gone down. Congrats on your health, your girl, your new edition, and your life in general. Know you got some heat for me. Always excited to see what my brother Ty has in store. Eli, Geoff? Tim Reiff, you out there?! JAY! (nasty nig) get off Warcraft n3wb. Bailz of course. Cant forget all the other cats from around the waywrights, who knows maybe ill even get a clip or three.

10.Any hopes/plans for 2011?

I plan to:
-get my money right!!
-strategize staying alive when the new year hits??
-cop clips, find spots, stack my blade rep back up!!
-design/build something - hopefully something skate-able!!
-figure out if i'm coming or goin'....I can barely decide.

Keep an eye out for Tay's triumphant return in the form of an online edit.


  1. this was a good read.. tays never around.....

  2. yeah taylor you need to skate more!

  3. thanks erik! thanks flux! thanks guys! you'll all be seeing more of me. especially when this sopping weather dries up.

  4. I still think of the time Tay was in my ear about what trick I was going to do, while I was battling E.Bill on the 11 at Tully's. I remember him saying, "Ohhh... you're not saying anything, must be big."

  5. hahah

    then what'd you do, jeff?

    backslide ao top porn?

  6. haha tay that shit was funny, word up to the mountain homies

  7. RIP to the gangster gap! Big ups to T cup...FREE AG AND BILL TOOMEY.