Sunday, January 30, 2011

Community Insight Answers

Community NDN Insight Volume 1!

Anonymous - @ erik bailey - are you going to bittercold showdown

Bailey: yes

Corey Grubb - Erik Bill, When the fuck are you gonna get your NDN tat i feel like a loner

Bill: tryin' to stack a bit of cash up to get it asap!

JTT3 - Are you guys coming back to Seattle any time soon? Barnburner perhaps?

Bailey: Going to check the schedule and try to make it out. I always enjoy Barn Burner.

Bill: I'll go if Erik goes...ha!

JTT3 - @ E.Bill - I enjoy much of the music you chose for your videos, what kind of process do you use to choose the music? Is it all you, collaborative, or do you let skaters chose music for their profiles?

Bill: Thanks dude. I always have about 50 songs picked out that I'd be satisfied with being in the video. If someone has something in mind and it matches what I'm going for...then I'll gladly try to whip up a rough draft and see if it'd work out. Otherwise I just throw them some options and hope for the best!

Anonymous - This one is for all the skaters with sections in the new dayshapes movie. Who are your sponsors? Does Erik Bailey still skate for Ucon?

Bailey: Valo, Them Goods, Amall, Trust, GC? I'm good friends with Jochen but he's not focusing as much on blading currently. I'm always down to support Ucon.

Card: Denial, WeAreOne Skatepark

Bill: Valo and Ground Control

Davidson: NDN, Pending...

Stanger: NDN

Dickerson: That's a really good question...Now accepting offers!!

Swan - Nothing.

Anonymous - where are all the bitches at?

Bill: The bitches are riiight here.

Anonymous - @erikbill have you been to ''? can you compare their business model to yours? do you see see an ndn x the ndn collaboration happening? please fill us in!!

Bill: Well, I was unaware that there was an until you asked this question. I checked it out and came to the conclusion that I would never want anything to do with them.

Anonymous - @ corey why are you going to jail?

Bill: I'll have to answer this one for Corey...because he's in jail. He is paying for some dumb shit that he did a while ago. The bright side is that once he's out, he's off probation!

Anonymous - To Cameron Card: Do any fat men yell at you for your part in Dayshapes?

Card: yes, every single time i go out some fat person seems to yell at me.

Anonymous - @erik bill whats your favorite thing to look at...


Anonymous - @ty will you have a section in the next ndn feature? I would like that...

ty: fuck, i would love to. i don't know if it's possible.

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