Sunday, December 12, 2010

An NDN Insight - Tad Tregeagle

An NDN Insight with rising talent, Tad Tregeagle.

Tad. Photo I stole from Facebook.

1. How long have you been blading and how'd you get into it?

its been about 10 or so years now that i have been blading. i saw some kids at classic on rollerblades grinding these boxes and i just picked it up there.

2. What are some similarities and differences you've noticed between the Boise blade scene and that of SLC?

it seems like it is alot easier to get filming and stuff done in boise, but i enjoy both the blade scenes alot. everyone just loves to blade. its always a good time in both idaho and utah.

3. What does The NDN mean to you?

some good blading with some really good people and loving every minute of it.

Inspin Wallride to Fakie. Meridian, ID. Photo by Toasted Berry.

4. You're currently on a blading-hiatus due to a knee injury. What happened?

i tore my meniscus and my acl in my right knee while i was in vegas. it was on something i do everytime i go to a park, but shit happens. ill be back on my blades by the end of next summer.

5. How has your daily schedule changed since your injury?

im mostly at home now. not on the road as much. but i still do go hang out with friends during the evenings. just need to find a job after my surgery.

6. You're always hopping between Utah, Vegas, etc. Where would you like to live long-term?

long-term id say salt lake city. i just like traveling and will do it at any chance i get.

7. With your NDN Insight is your section from "I Was A Cloud", what have you been filming for since then?

i have filmed for the shock video and some for dayshapes.

Ao Unity to Topsoul Revert. Nampa, ID. Photo by Toasted Berry.

8. Do you do anything to preserve your body? Stretches? Fish Oil? Other pills/drugs?

i just ice my injuries. when my knee starts doing better i will do stretches and ride my bike. but other then that i dont do a whole lot haha

9. Who are a few of your favorite bladers to watch lately?

i enjoy watching my friends blade. i still go to sessions and hang out. i have also been watching alot of videos lately. out of the "pros" i like b. smith, erik bailey, stockwell, cameron card, tory treseder, farmer, julio basicly anyone who makes it look good.

10. Any hopes/plans for 2011?

well, just working and healing up. also hitting the colorado road trip (cause thats when i can roll around again) then probably trying to go somewhere warm to blade for the winter. maybe phoenix or something.

Tad Tregeagle - I Was A Cloud from erik bill on Vimeo.

Tad's section in "I Was A Cloud" circa 2009.


  1. way to do it, tad. you so coo.

  2. I prefer that everyone join in on that trip to Phoenix.