Saturday, December 18, 2010

An NDN Insight - Kyler Martz

This week's NDN Insight, Kyler Martz!

1. Kyler N. Martz, how long have you been blading? How'd you get into it?

Geez, 11 years i think. Kids in my neighborhood made fun of me trying to do jumps in my mom's skates, so I got some Backyard Bobs. Then i went to a 13 Rivers contest, met Adam Robert and we became obsessed.

2. 10 word Martz-filled nutshell:

Ha, um lemme give it to you in poetic form:
Martz man got that style,
Cruisin' his blades,
Hella' fast.

3. I know you're moving soon. Where to? Any reasons in particular?

Ah I'm just moving down the road. The new place has a basement where I can spread out the art stuff a bit more. Seattle is tight for now. However, I will probably move away for grad school eventually.

4. Now that you've had ample amounts of time in both the Boise skate scene and that of Seattle, what are some similarities and differences?

Both places are great to skate. I'll take rain over cold any day though. Seattle has tons and tons of fun stuff to skate, but Boise was a great place to start skating, miss all you guys a lot.

5. When you aren't out bootin', what are you doing?

Hanging in my art cave listening to audio books, or tinkering on some old bike, maybe thrifting with the Futch.

6. Who are 3 of your favorite bladers to watch at the time being?

I can safely say that even if I wasn't from Boise, Erik Bailey would still be my favorite blader to watch. Casey McFarland and Ross Kuhn are so sick, as well as Jon Bolino. That's a tough question, I've seen a lot of serious shredders lately...

NDN Chickee

7. Did Jay or Ty ever pay you for the true savannah you did in "I Was A Cloud"? They owed you $40 total, right?

No way, big time claimers. Ty has payed me back in spliffage I'm sure. Whitmore, watch yo back.

8. You seem to be making good moves with your art. Where does your inspiration come from?

I love the ocean obviously, so getting to live by it has been a huge pull. Every other book in the thrift stores here is some badass old oceanography book. I love collecting those, and take inspiration from them. Too many other things inspire me to list them all. I hope I'm lucky enough to always have that problem.

9. You've been gone from your stomping grounds for a while bad do you miss Fort Boise?!?

Now I'm gonna be thinking about how bad I want to skate there the rest of the day! Good ol' Fort!

10. The Valo Kyler Pack is awesome, great job with that. Got anything to say to the Rollernews fans?

Ha! I better take a pass on this one! I am pretty stoked to have had that opportunity. Let's just say I'd rather be sewing bags than doing whatever those dudes do all day...

Thanks for the Insight Brick Oven Billstro! Good luck with the new video!

If you want to check out what I'm working on lately, you can head to:

Kyler and his lady/partner in particular art series will be having a show in Boise on January 6th! Make it out if you can, always a good time. Here's a link for more info. SmartzInBoise

Stay tuned!

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