Sunday, November 28, 2010

This week's NDN Insight is with another Boise blader, Tyler Schmidt!

1. Give me 5 words that describe Tyler Schmidt:

blade-cook-study-work-chill. I thought about using big words but that sums it up.

2. What does The NDN mean to you?

The NDN is big part of the reason I blade. Without a positive group of like minded individuals throwing stoke my way, I don't think rollerblading would have the same appeal to me. Plus it makes for good TV!

3. How long have you been blading? How'd you get into it?

I've always thought about this question because it kind of has two answers. I first got into blading in 1996 when Arlo Eisenberg and Randy Spizer did a demo at Balboa High School while my parents were stationed in the Canal Zone in Panama. My brother came home with a Team Paradise catalog and one of the Hoax videos. I remember thinking that it was the coolest thing ever. I didn't start really blading and pushing myself until what I'm calling the Coup de Tat era, and I'm sure that's the same for a lot of people. So 10 years or so?

4. After living in Germany, Arizona, and so on...Are you glad you ended up in Boise, ID? Why?

A good number of people are surprised to hear that I think Boise is the best place I've lived. It has everything I need: Four seasons, a low crime rate, a good skate scene and some of the best friends I'll meet. I have been to a lot of places and seen a lot of things but Boise is definitely home.

5. You've been around for a good chunk of the Dayshapes sessions...any parts/tricks you're especially excited for?

I always seem to join the session an hour after, or the spot after the best stuff. So I'm looking forward to seeing some of it on the big screen. There are also a few bangers I witnessed that I would like to see used in a part but I wouldn't want to give those away to early!

6. Top 5 favorite beers? What makes them so fantastic?

This is something I have been contemplating for years and I know I'll change my mind after it has been published:

#1. Adelskronen Pilsner - Only sold in Bavaria, everything you would want from a pils
#2. Köstriker Schwarzbier - The black beer with the blonde soul
#3. Paulaner Hefeweizen - Really good hef from Germany, best if you can get it on tap
#4. Blue Moon Grand Cru - A limited release double Belgian Wheat that was only available during an actual blue moon on new years.
#5. Spaten Munich Optimator - Bavarian style doppelbock that will knock you on your ass and still taste good

(Mikey I would have put Stout's Honor on there but like always it still needs more time)

7. What are 5 things that you've learned through blading?

Great minds think alike.
You should always have "non-blading jeans"
Skate videos turn into great music playlists
It never hurts "that bad"
If a bum asks you for the time, just say no

8. Top 3 most legendary pro's of all time?

This question is way to hard to answer, but I'm going to say Feinberg, Shima and Julio as far as Legends go. They just stand out the most to me.

9. When you aren't out rollerblading, what are you doing?

Well right now I'm gearing up for ski season, which should be cool. I like to kayak in the summer. I also brew my own beer so come ask me for one if you see me; I'm always looking for some constructive criticism!

10. Any advice to kiddies that are just getting into the blade-game?

Network! If you see a blader at your local park, get their number and go skate with them. You will learn more and enjoy more when you are around people that have been doing this for a while. That's what keeps me motivated!


  1. i just got into blading about three weeks ago. and fell in love.
    i have a long way to go, but with winter its gonna be hard to skate anywhere but on my dinkey rail in my garage learning switchups all day haha i hope to find other people that love blading like i've come to love it, so i can progress!

  2. that's sick kaleb, where are you living?