Sunday, November 7, 2010

For this week's NDN Insight I didn't even have to travel outside the comfort of my own home. Ladies and gentlemen, Jay Whitmore.

1. Gimme' 5 words that describe Jay.

1. Sarcastic 2. Easy-going 3. Can't skate rails 4. Woman-hater 5. Lurker

2. What does The NDN mean to you?

Great friends, great blading, great videos. But the main thing is its Erik's attempt to avoid the IRS.

3. What are 3 of your all-time favorite "What would you do for a million dollars" situations?

1. Would you fight a cougar with a sword for a million dollars?
Obviously if he won you would die.
2. Would you have a lazy eye for a million dollars?
3. Would you shoot a cop in the leg and try to get away for a million dollars?
Obviously if you got caught you'd go to prison for a long ass time.

4. You piss outside a lot in I Was A Cloud. Do you have a small bladder or do you just not give a damn?

I think i just have a small bladder, or just a really shitty one.

5. Who are a few of your favorite bladers to watch right now and why?

Oh man, so many. Haffey cause he's Haffey. Colin Kelso cause of steeze. Murda, Arias, Aragon, so many.


6. I know that you learned truespin acid before you learned how to nugen, how is that possible?

Haha, I never even learned how to nugen. I don't know though, I just think I don't know how to bend my feet that way.

7. What are 3 things that you've learned through blading?

1. How to get ledges real slick. 2. Practice makes perfect. 3. Chris Haffey is God.

8. What are your top 5 most frequented websites?

5 most frequented websites, hmm.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

9. Who are your top 3 favorite rappers?

Such a hard question. MF doom will always be number one. 2 and 3 are always changing, probably hilltop hoods and qwel at the moment though.

10. What's your favorite dance-move to do when you're drunk at the bar by yourself?

Haha, I have no dance moves. I just bite my lip and wave my arms in the same motion.


  1. Aaaaahahahaha Best NDN insight ever?

  2. the bukaki made me lulz sooooo hard

    GO JAY!

  3. i had to throw another picture into the interview so i thought 'hey, what could be more suiting than gummy-bear bukaki?'

    it made me think of jay <3

  4. jay, you forgot meatspin. come on now.

  5. the Bukaki gummy bears could have only been better if the red ones were covered in chocolate...