Monday, September 27, 2010

Another Monday, another NDN INSIGHT.

This time around, we'll be catching up with Dan Dickerson.

Photo credit: Billy Anderson

1.) Summarize Dan Dickerson in 7 words.

Hmm, Busy, Fat, Blunt, Wordy (you'll see), self-conscious (the hyphen makes it one word, eh),sarcastic (to a fault), facetious (look it up, it's a great word)

2.) Who or what motivates you to get out there and shred?

I'd say that the people that I blade with most often are who motivate me the most. I have to admit though, that with school and work I'm a little undermotivated...everything was a lot easier when I lived in Boise and had my to kick me in the ass to blade. For me, blading is the best way to relieve a little stress and self-inflict a little injury to get me through the week.

3.) Who are a few of your favorite bladers to watch right now and why?

This is actually a pretty hard question. I think the usual favorites are there certainly, Farmer, Billy O'neill, Stockwell. I actually love watching Tory Treseder shred, but it's a privilege i rarely get. Then there's the local boys, Tad (get better soon, buddy) Jeffrey (Brent), Nicholas Swan, Cameron Card, etc. I like watching people who you can tell can actually blade, and, although I'm not particularly good at it, I love watching "quick feet" bladers, which is what I'll call Jeff. Oh and I'd be remiss to not mention you,'re probably my favorite person to actually go out and blade with, and watching you is certainly a perk.

4.) You eat shit really hard sometimes and you always pop right back up. Any particular reason you get up so fast?

For me, falling is all part of what blading is about. Ever since I started back in 2000, I've always fallen, but I'm actually quite good at making what looks like a bad fall pretty mellow, really. It might look like I eat tons of shit, but I've got my ways. For those times that I actually do hit hard, I figure that there's nothing to gain by dwelling on it, and blading usually makes the pain go away eventually anyway. Pretty much, I'm just tough as shit....haha

5.) You get free plane tickets, how do you use that perk in filming for 'DAYSHAPES'?

My job allows me to fly free pretty much anywhere in the world I want, whenever I want...unfortunately, I've got to work to survive and I'm going to school full-time at the moment so I have very few opportunities to actually get out and travel. For dayshapes (all caps exclamation point), I'm gonna be taking quick little day trips up to Boise for some quick hits between work and school whenever I can.

6.) What are 3 of your favorite grinds at the time being?

At the moment, I love ao Fish, ao Top acid, and savannahs...what some people incorrectly call 270 back savs. I still call the other trick ao unity, call me old school, w/e.

7.) You've lived in several states and been a big part of several skate scenes...which ones were your favorites? Why?

Let's see. I grew up blading in Oklahoma and was a big part of the Tulsa scene for a while I guess. Nothing will ever quite match the feeling of growing up with your buddies and learning everything together. Next came SLC where I guess I sort of came into my own. Most of my best friends live here and I love it here. Then came Boise before I moved back to Salt Lake. Boise was amazing. It completely rejuvenated my love for blading...thanks to a very persistent little guy named Erik Bill. It'd be really hard to pick an overall favorite for me, but I think I almost have to choose Boise for now, since I don't think I've ever had so many fun sessions in one place with such a small group of guys as I did there.

8.) Any plans/hopes for the next year of blading?

Over the next year, I'd like to blade as much as possible and maybe film a couple of decent sections, get a photo published somewhere, travel to Europe to blade, progress in my trick vocabulary as much as possible. I want to get more solid on a few tricks and worry a lot less about stupid, unimportant shit so I can focus on blading.

9.) What are 3 things that you've learned through blading?

The things I've come up with for this question are super cheesy: be warned-when you get to my age, you'll see the wisdom in them.

1. I've learned that there isn't really anything in the world as important as a few close friends.
2. The old idiom "If you don't use it, you'll lose it" is quite possibly the wisest thing ever said. You can take that little quip and apply it to just about anything, from blading, to relationships, to school, to whatever you want.

10.) What are 5 things you couldn't live without?

To be honest, there really isn't much in the world that I absolutely cannot live without. 7 years ago, I'd have said blading, but after seeing things happen to friends and having experience a great deal of real life shit, I honestly don't think I can say that. I certainly always want to be involved in the blading industry in some way, but as far as actually blading myself, I'll do it til I physically can't anymore. Anyway, I guess I'll make a bullshit list of 5 things: (in no particular order)

1. Something to do...whether it be blading or just watching T.V., I've always had to be entertained
2. Sleep...when you work, go to school and try to blade, sleep often gets lowered on the list of importance
3. Soccer...this seems weird, but I'm constantly on my phone checking english premier league scores and news. Arsenal fan for life.
4. family has always been a big part of my life, especially since I come from such a big family and all of the brothers are really close. They've helped me through some hard times and I love all of them, even those that are occasionally douchey.
5.'s a bit cliche, but that doesn't make it any less true. My friends keep my sane, keep me blading, and I feel privileged to live so close to (or with) a few really good ones.

Also, on Sunday there was a bit of an event at Rhodes Skatepark to try to raise some funds for renovations. I dug up some random photos on the net.

This dude was there.

So were these people.

That's Corey and Phil 'bout to get loose.

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