Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Snake River Special - Video Review #1

When I read a video review I’m not interested in learning what tricks were landed or who skated to what song, I just want to know if I should buy the video. For those of you like me, the answer is yes (pre-order here). I like to judge a videos success based on a single question; does it make me want to skate? After watching SRS I felt so compelled to blade that I dragged my p-rail down the driveway, put my blades on and skated solo on this absurdly cold New England night. I like to mention that I’m also just getting over the flu and my fingers are just starting to thaw as I sit here writing, that alone should tell you how much I enjoyed this video. 

The scenery, music, and skating come together to create this unique blue collar, hard working, fun loving, good time feeling that Erik has mastered in capturing and delivering. If you’ve seen any of his 20+ NDN 4S series edits you will know exactly the feeling I’m referring to. Erik manages to make you feel like you are there shredding with the homies and adventuring alongside them. The tight knit tribe came together to deliver solid sections and montages which included members and friends from across the country. 

Erik dedicated the video to his father Steven Bill, whom he recently lost. There is something to be said about dedicating your work to someone you love, and the love Erik put into creating this video really shows. His efforts not only show in the filming and editing but his skating as well, his section stood out to me the most. Erik’s skating continues to progress and inspire me. I think it’s safe to say this is his best work yet. I could go on telling you amazing the video is and how good everyone’s parts were but I’d rather you experience it for yourself. 

You can pre-order a copy of the video by clicking the link below; I highly suggest grabbing a tee or pullover as well because after you watch the video you’re going to feel like part of the tribe.

-Jamie Murrett

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