Monday, August 6, 2012

From The Inbox.

"hey man ive skated with you a cupple of times and u have been my idol sense i started skating your a hella cool person and like you've showed me how fun skating is especially when i skate with you. like you and the ndn and Erik bailey help a lot with my skating dude i really want to start skating with you guys more thatd be awesome and ima try. i dont drive cuz im legally blind but ima try to start skating at tns more if i can but ya thank you man for inspiring me to keep skating even with my eye sight you really have helped me realize no matter what i can skate like everyone else and ya just thank you man you've helped alot with my skating and drive to keep it up thank you bro hope to blade with you soon man"

Keep blading, homie.  Seeya' at the skatepark!

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