Sunday, June 17, 2012


 Alex Ford in the hell raisers tee
 Geno sketch.
 Hahaha from the Boise Weekly
 Skatepark sticker
 Peepin' the clip

 The meat
 The men
 Vic gettin' loose.
 Booger Bailes and AB

 Victor had to climb up to retrieve his successful bottle flip. (That's the ledge from Valo 2 that Bailey back royaled...)
 Ivan shootin' shit.
 Bailes and Kuhn.
 Toptorque shot by Dan.
 Crew p.o.v.
 You in the club?
 Tattoos thrifts and biscuits

 Grubb on his ao soul
 Tyler topacid
 Tyler fish.
 Backyard pan featuring Jay and Arlo

 Random Canyon Growlers.


 Hailey colored in her tee a bit.
 The fuck...


 Dan fixin' to have a threesome with these dudes on the river.
 Garden Valley.
 Train/Payette river.
 Stoked on my pal's new piece.


 Geno sketch.
Got surrounded at the fairgrounds.

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