Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Jesus Who??
Hit this sale up! Good shit for cheap.
Who put my rail in jail?
Pissin' in that hole is hard when it's windy
Ya' know.
Lookin' down on some strange water.
Copped a clip.
Hit or miss.
On that riv.
We found this in Oregon. If you know what this is, you're a true fuckin' O.G.
Camron on that topacid 3 reevs.
Kaleb's got soul.
Out shootin' for the vid.
Camron's tele.
"How many photos do you have of me flipping you off?"
Geared up.
This is the day after we went and filmed in a bunch of small towns. When I had dropped E.Bailey off he took one of his blades and one of mine (we both ride black & wines). I didn't realize until I tried to strap up here and had 2 left blades. Damn it.
Nice job on the windows, Logun.
Tory - KG
John - B.Unity
Ty - Inspin 900 topsoul

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