Sunday, February 5, 2012


Now that i splerged on a 4s and vimeo plus i'll start putting together little iphone edits here and there of some behind the sceeeenes shit.
The Gerb is back in town.

Brandon rigging up his valo's, new to the blade game!

Scored this tin piece in oregon.
Got some lines at this non-spot! So fun.
We watchin'.
Kaleb and Phil geared up, bruh.
Mizou contest!
Phil taking it to the tums.

Camron cruising.

Found these different samples of rusty, shitty rain water.
Hieroglyphics. Some nostalgia rap.
Good time.
Camron on the acid to fakes.
Riggin' up the p.rail sesh.
Jeffrey ripping the torque soul. Shot by Beastmaster.
Brent geeking out about some professional golfer while wearing an NDN tee.
Just us girls.

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