Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend Randumbs.

Several homies stacked some footage this weekend. Discovered a glorious new spot. Took stupid pictures with our phones.
Check it out! (and be sure to peeps , finally got some new gear on there.)
Toasted Berry original.
Lucky Peak sesh with Arlo.
Couple'a lezzies wrecking my living room.
Animal Farm.
Gerbz new deals.
Aforementioned lesbians.
Tim warmin' up on the bb 14th rail.
Chair in the landing. Bolted into the ground.
Not no' mo'.
Cameron NDN X Valo.
Premium Blading tee!
The Tim Jones Selection.
Kaleb NDN X Valo

The homie Vegas Chris is Valo4Lifing.

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