Saturday, December 24, 2011

Randumbs, Holiday Edition.

J Whitmore bustin' Frodo's balls.
Marcus is possessed by satan.
Thanks Phil. Please warm my weiner...20's & 30's Hokum Blues.
No eyes Arlo.

Niece & Nephew XMAS gifts.
Signed this dude in at work with DUMBASS written on his head. Snuck the photo.
Tay & Ty's moms antique shop. The Had Matter! Boise peeps, check it out on Vista & Pendleton.
Buckley Bailey.
Big City Coffee.
Hopefully this didn't give my nephew diabetes.
J & Fetus.
Jeffrey on that Wes Anderson box set by Nicole.
Nicole made me this sick cake!
Twitterbrent pledges $1 to help a child.
Thanks, Keith.
Tim Jones on that late-night dog.

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