Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Weekly Randumbs.

From various NDN cellulars.

Stanger sent this one of his unisex NDN beanie.
I took this on my way home from a sesh last night. TAME YOUR WEREWOLF, LADIES!
my hat is falling onto a bunch of scared photographers.
Premium Blading.
Arlo steady watchdoggin'
Rainbow Brite is in my bathroom.
Halloween party with Rooster Cogburn Bailey.
The spot.
All the leaves are brown.
Damn it, Camron! Dude got arrested at 4:20 for charges that include the herb. Did you do this on purpose?


  1. camron should of at least repped his ndn hoodie in the mug

  2. hahahah yeah that would of been sick!