Monday, July 11, 2011

Montana & Idaho Homies Collab. in McCall, ID.

"This last weekend a few of my friends here in Missoula, Montana mentioned they were going to McCall, Idaho to do some skating. At first i thought the 5 hour drive thru some of Montana and idaho's most beautiful forests and craziest roads was a bit far to skate one park. But I later found out that Erik Bill and some more Boise heads were headed out to do some camping and skating for the weekend. With this in mind and about an hours notice I packed my bag, grabbed my dog Pete and jumped into Eli's car and officially started my weekend. All in all I had an amazing time, it's good to see people come together and skate here in the Northwest. Spending most of my life skating here in Montana, it humbles me to see growth in a sport i have put so much of my life into. Thanks to everyone who made it out this weekend, it was a lot of fun meeting some new people and catching up with old friends. And a huge thanks to Eli and Jbarr for getting us back alive!! Those roads are nuts!!" - Cameron Talbott

Photos by J.Barr, C.Grubb & E.Bills.

Edit by E.Bills. Filmed by E.Bills & C.Grubb (It's at the bottom of the page)

Calm, skinny stretch of the payette river
Little cascade
Beaver scouting from higher ground
Talbott and j.barr at camp
McCall, ID.
Brandon mateer on that tts
Parnell beach
Brandon doing like 5 ao fishbrains in a row
Not sure if this was tts or aots, he laced'em both!
Cameron bouts to 3 out that ao mox
Megan and camron
They backseat squeezin'
The other car...corey is in both?

Cameron fishing in mccall

Philly d

Taylor, new to the blade game.





Fish fakes

Outspin backslide

Eli soul

Cameron, Pete & Eli

Phil - sweaty

Phil - aonegmis

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