Sunday, February 6, 2011

An NDN Insight - Gavin Fitch

For this week's NDN Insight I hit up the most troubled teen I've ever met, Gavin Fitch!

1.How long have you been blading and how did you get into it?

you know ive been the blade game my whole life, i dont really remember when it all started. im pretty deep in the game though. boom westside

2.What are you doing when you aren't out skating?

buy vintage t shirts and listen to blink 182

3.What are some similarities you've noticed between the Seattle scene and that of Boise?

a lot of flannel and shitty spots

4.You've gotten really good behind the camera. Any plans for a full vid or are you sticking to online edits for a while? Why?

ive gotten really into filming the subtle but crucial aspects of life, like two people walking in the park or a bumble bee pollenating

5.Tell me about when you got jumped by a bunch of children...

im a total pussy when it comes to fighting but i can sure kick a ten year olds ass

6.When I first met you, you were an aspiring spin-to-win 13 year old skatebarn lover. Now you're a street-shredding, badass futch...was there a concious effort behind that or did you just automatically change when you turned 16 or so? hahaha

gannondorf changed my life. turned me into a shredder.

7. When you first met Erik Bailey, what did you say to him?

"you have nice muscles"

8.How many girls a week do you pull? How do you do it so easily?


9.Who are a few bladers that you really enjoy watching at the moment?

razors frat

10.Any hopes/plans for 2011?

60 watts, brighter than my future,
an empty forty, fuller than my life,
there must be more, sometimes i don't think so,
maybe i'm right. maybe there's no such thing as a brighter side
A sultry night stare at moons from rooftops,
A broken engine, poisoned never dry,
I pour my heart out to a god that doesn't listen,
You said you'd save me. You said you'd love me always but you lied.
And i can't dry my eyes and there is nothing left inside,
one day. the day. the day that i said i,
my heart inside was cold so that you didn't know,
so all and you, you won't love me at all,
the leaves come down,
there is no sound,
and if i fall would you notice at all?
the thought of me repulses me,
but you'd say you took me anyway,
i am so alone on a corroded city rooftop,
i saw you walking, you didn't say anything,
you always told me that you'd never stop loving me,
but you stopped before you started and now all i have is lies.
What am i gonna be?
Who am i gonna be?

As if those super-serious answers weren't enough to keep you entertained...

Here's a new edit of Gavin.


  1. Gavin you really are a wierd kid lol love you futch

  2. big muscles hahahhaha