Monday, July 12, 2010

Just incase you want some tight shit to throw onto your zune, ipod, desktop, or noggin...

Cameron Card - Soyale a la "I Was A Cloud" and coordinating be-mag issue. Circa 2009.

Photo by Toasted Berry

Behind the scenes: We went out to SLC to get footage for the video. Unfortunately, it rained. We met up with Cameron for his idea of a "good first spot to get clips". We were getting kicked out by a couple of assholes who were almost as mad as they were fat. Cameron laced this soyale for the premium clip and as you can see, a nice photo as well. He also layed down an alley-oop unity but he touched the rail and didn't get a chance to try it again (due to the aforementioned assholes). So after Tad, Chris, and Cameron hopped back over the barbed-wire fence towards the cars, the 2 jerks tried to trap us until the police came. We weren't having it, we managed to bounce which lead to a convoy of cars trying to escape. We did it.

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